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4Pcs Natural Fluorite Feldspar Quartz Crystal Rock Stone Point Wand Healing | Ego-Silencer

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  • Type:Quartz Crystal
  • Material:Natural Fluorite 
  • Size:App 45-65mm
  • Weight:App 147g


  • 4Pcs Quartz Crystal


  • 100% Brand new and high quality.
  • Suitable for degaussing.
  • It is a nice home decoration and make your home more beautiful.
  • It is truly a unique representation of nature.
Care and Cleansing
After you get a stone or crystal, it is important to cleanse it so that it will be purified for your own use.  During manufacture, handling by others, clerks, many hands and other energies have touched the stone.  There are  a number of ways to cleanse and purify them.  You can set it on a clear quartz cluster to cleanse and amplify during a waxing moon; light a sage stick and bathe it in the smoke; rinse in cool water***; "soak" in dry brown rice, sand, earth, or sea salt during a waning moon; "soak" in flowers/petals; use a power cleansing stone such as Selenite or Herkimer and "brush" it, or set it in a moonbeam during the full moon.