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4PCS Magnetic Eyelashes 3D Reusable False Magnet Eyelash Extensions | Ego-Silencer

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These magnetic false eyelashes will make your life so much easier and are super lightweight. This makes wearing false eyelashes so easy. No more glue. No more putting your eyelashes on crooked and having to live with it for that whole day or night. It's like hoping you will put them on right the first time. Due to high demand, please note that once you place your order, it will take up to 10 days to ship it out.

Note: 2 pieces lashes' for one eye. so, you need 4 pieces (2 pairs) lashes for both eyes.

How to Use:

1. Hold without the dot Eyelash on the top of your eye

2. Position the lash on the top with your natural eyelash and leave it there

3. Grab the second eye lash with the Dot and take it closer and right underneath of first lash

4. Do not blink and place the second lash under first and let them contact with each other


False Eyelashes Length: 1cm-1.5cm
Quantity: 4pcs

False Eyelashes Style: Natural Long