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29 in 1 New SOS Outdoor Survival Kit and Hunting Tools | Ego-Silencer

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Brand Name: FEELWIND
Type: First Aid Kits

This compact survival tool kit is small, but full-featured, wide range of use, and has a quick release function. In emergency situations or just for travel, these accessories are essential for survival.


The accessories include the following:


1x a disinfection blade

1x sewing needle 

1x the fire package,

1x aluminum foil 

2x of alcohol cotton,

2x band-Aids

2x fish Hooks

2x Lead fall 

2x connectors

2x Float 

5m fishing line 

1x Whistle

1x multi-function tool card,

1x mini flashlight,

1x linesaw 

2x buckle needle 

2x paper clip 

etc., these tools are included in the waterproof bag.