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15 pcs 12'' LED Latex Multicolor Helium Balloons | Ego-Silencer

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  • Flashing LED light in each balloon. Simply pull the tab to start the LED light shining. Suitable for helium or air filling, inflate like a normal balloon.

  • Colorful LED Flashing Balloons: Vivid and stunning enough to match your occasions regardless of your House Party, Birthday, Anniversary, Dance Club or any other events

  • Packed With 8 Different Colors: Blue, Pink, Yellow, Orange, Green, Purple, Rose Red and White. Each balloon has a matching LED light.

  • LED feature works best in dim/dark environments. Dim the lights for the full experience!

Occasion: Birthday Party, Any Party, Grand Event, Wedding & Engagement, Wedding, Valentine's Day
Model Number: 15pcs LED Balloon
Material: Latex
Shape Style: Round
Number of Pcs: 15pcs
is_customized: No
Item Name: LED Balloon Light Ball
Quantities: 15pcs Wedding, Birthday Party Baloons
Material: Latex Multicolor Helium Balloons
Color OF LED Balloon Light Ball: White , Blue,Yellow, Red, Green
Size Of LED Balloons: 12inch